Pardon my saying so, but the Minister for Defence is prone to too many faux Pas, which given the sensitive nature of his assignment, are at times unacceptable. Can I suggest that the minister, along with some others of his other cabinet colleagues, get tutored in the art of statesmanship. His latest damaging statement that if Pakistan had not taken action against the Jamat Dawah, we would have been declared a terrorist state, is ridiculous. Does the gentleman realize the gravity of his mistake? A country can only be declared a terrorist state, if there is undeniable evidence that the state itself is involved in acts of terrorism, or is abetting such acts within or outside its territorial borders. In this specific case regarding the deplorable atrocity of the Bombay incident, even India has pointed to non state actors' involvement. Yet our own Minister for Defence has given a statement pointing the finger at us, as if substantial proof had been given, which is much more than what India has officially stated, or what the Security Council resolution suggests. Pakistan already suffers for the wrong policies of Musharraf and his establishment, who in order to survive and get bounty money, continuously resorted to rhetoric that all the terrorists were located within Pakistan. This legacy has become the biggest threat to our national security. One only hopes that the PPP government would not allow its ministers to make irresponsible statements that can cause us further harm. -NAZEER ABRO, Hyderabad, via e-mail, December 17.