ISLAMABAD:-"Taste of Korea," was not just the name of the food festival organized at the residence of Ambassador and Mrs Shin Un but it was a true portrayal as well as presentation of the entire range of cuisine, vine, and hospitality from the 'land of morning calm.' The entire family rather than staff of the Republic of Korea Embassy in Islamabad was literally at service of the guests. Precisely, it was not just the offering of Korean buffet dinner followed catered by a five-star hotel, but a luring introduction of the traditional foods from Korea. Ambassador Un himself remained available to each and every guest of the festival. Provoking your guests to try some alien tastes, albeit, they were delicious was hardly an easy task, but the Korean top envoy did it simply the way he does his work otherwise. It was the beauty of event that there were no speeches, welcome address, or notes of thanks as per the decorum of the festival. Courtesy, the dTcor of the function, the guests avoided discussion on the politics as against the practice during such diplomatic gatherings. Tasting Korean food with their typical hospitality makes one feel safe knowing that a company from South Korea has won project of supplying drinking water from Tarbela to the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The Koreans would carry out this project of water pipeline from Tarbela to the federal capital and installation of a state of the art filtration plant on BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) basis. By the way there was no discussion of the sort during the festival named as the "Taste of Korea," and not even the brainstorming on the growing Pakistan-India tensions. It was perhaps the healing impact of the Korean hospitality that guests of the festival, for the time being at least, left outside the ever-increasing tensions between the bordering countries and consequent anxiety. The Korean ladies dressed in shocking colors of traditional wearing at the stalls of pre-main course starters were not only introducing the guests to the appetizers but were actually cocking and making these ready in certain cases. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to conclude that it was truly a presentation of the taste of Korea. The lucky ones from diplomatic, political, and journalists communities who attended the festival would agree that it presented the taste of Korea not only in the sense of food but also in terms of international relations.