LAHORE - A large number of people have welcomed low-altitude flights of fighter jets of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in the City terming it as great stimulant to commemorate the memories of 1965 war when people used to come out of their rooftops to show their solidarity with Pak-aircrafts. Some people believed that flights were made to rout out the Indian fighter aircrafts that may have violated the Pakistan airspace. The 20 minutes flights of fighter jets in City besides Rawalpindi and Islamabad set feeling of happiness and sense of security among the people. Having heard the sharp voice of fighter jets, majority of people rushed to their rooftops and watched the fast movements of jets with great fondness. Vehicular traffic remained jam until the heart-warming show concluded. People riding on cars and motorcycles stopped their movement on roads to witness low-altitude flights by making joint clapping. Shopkeepers and shoppers also put off the business for some time to get the glimpse of aircrafts chanting slogans "Pakistan is the best" and "ready to fight like lion". PAF jets made flights in airspace of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore in afternoon in a situation when all airports of the country were put on high alert. PAF sources said that fighter jets were on routine flights and making surveillance of country's airspace. Resident of Samnabad, Razzaq eulogized the aircraft movement, saying air force had been on high alert for the defence of the country and these flights were aimed to remain prepared to meet any eventuality. He said people were highly electrified to give full support to army to retaliate India If war was imposed on Pakistan. Ashraf Hameed, resident of Mazang demanded of the government not be defensive but to show aggression. He said that India should be taught with the language it knew otherwise it would keep threatening Pakistan. He said that I had very glorious memories regarding 1965 war. The same memories were revived today, he added. 70 years old, Gull Khan said Pakistan must teach a lesson to India for its bragging. "Being atomic power we should not avoid using nuclear bomb against India," he added and vowed that last round should be held Zeshan Ali, a student, termed the jet flights as a show -off to inflame war hysteria among the citizen. He said that it was meant to seek public opinion. He advocated peace and opposed war between two archrivals. However, he condemned the violation of Pakistani air space by Indian air force and described it as a deplorable act. He further said that the whole Pakistani nation was united and was with Pakistan Army to counter any aggression.