ISLAMABAD (Online) - The Pakistan Economy Watch on Monday said the announcement of compensation by Punjab government in the backdrop of Ghakkar Plaza tragedy is a step in the right direction that has won hearts and minds of the trading community and masses. "Chief Minister Punjab is leading the province in the right direction and people from all walks of life are pinning high hopes on him," said Dr Murtaza Mughal, President, Pakistan Economy Watch. He said that apart from deceased and injured many traders, workers and suppliers have also suffered in the Ghakkar Plaza inferno. "They also deserve a bail out. Such a step would improve level of confidence of masses. It could prove a catalyst for economic activities," he added. Bank of Punjab should be directed to arrange urgent interest-free loans and no stone should be left unturned to facilitate the affectees who once enjoyed business in the plaza known as paradise of traders and shoppers. "Mianwali coal power project, improving road and canal network, improving trade, commerce, industrial and agricultural activity, Christmas allowance, taming uncontrollable bureaucracy and other steps may help Shahbaz make history," Dr Murtaza Mughal hoped. Uncommon administrative accomplishments and sincere efforts may unleash new era of development in the province and make it an example for other provinces. Chief Minister should prefer to resolve issues like supporting affectees of recent rains and floods, wheat smuggling, substandard flour, black marketing of urea and fertilisers, fake and inferior quality medicines, depleting public services, problems of fish farmers, controlling property mafia and improving law and order conditions to make province an attractive destination. PEW hopes that steps of Shahbaz Sharif will lure foreign and local investors. Public servants, commoners, trading community as well as growers would be able to play their role in the development with the total peace of mind. The central government should also take interest in the issue. Different concerned departments should concentrate on rehabilitation and blame each other later.