KARACHI - The import of power generating machinery has increased by 113 per cent during July-November period of the current financial year. According to the official data a huge amount of $724 million has been spent on the import of power generation machinery in five months of this fiscal. Whereas in the same period of last fiscal the import of this sector consumed only $338 million. In Pakistani currency, the amount that has been spent on import of this machinery stands at Rs. 55.798 billion in this fiscal. It is pertinent to mention here that the country is facing immense power generation crisis. This has increased the import of machinery in the country. Currently, the short fall of electricity in the country stands at 5000 to 6000 MWs. Mostly, generators, batteries and other material that is needed for the UPS have been imported in the country. The long spells of power outages in the country, especially in Karachi, have forced the people to line-up alternative resources to such as generators and UPS to minimize the impact of loadshedding in the country. Usually Karachi faces 400 to 700 MWs shortage of electricity that is leading to hour-long unscheduled loadshedding. A senior official of Karachi Electricity Supply Company (KESC) said that the company would import 900 new power generators for the city, in order to overcome the power crisis that has been faced by the metropolitan during this year. The import of generators has been increased by the private sector, as the traders and industrialists have suffered badly due to this power crisis. It is noteworthy that the heavy industries have imported heavy generators to increase their production and to avoid the hazards of the loadshedding. During summer season this year the power outages were quite frequent in the city. The industries in the country and in Karachi suffered badly because of this shortfall. This crisis will hopefully ends in December 2009. So, more power generation machinery is being expected to be imported during next year. The government and private sector officials, relating to energy sector, say that the electricity crisis would be minimised by the end of the calendar year 2009. They said the federal government has initiated a number of projects that would augment production of electricity and reduce power outages.