The Industrial Estate in Peshawar is one of the most poorly planned industrial estates that I have come across. The present caretakers of the industrial estate are also not interested in fixing some of the basic problems. The estate is located at the end of Hayatabad residential area, right on the border of Jamrud, FATA. There is no access to rail, airport, or a dry port. There are two entry and exit points, one of which is through the Hayatabad residential area and the other through the famous Bara Market, which is a very dodgy, dirty and ever crowded area. The estate officials have illegally allocated an empty plot to a private contractor who is using the plot as a bus and truck stand. The contract for this plot had ended in July 2007 but the estate officials have been unable to take back the plot or stop the activities of the private contractor. The contractor has created an illegal crossing over the Railway line. The Railway officials have also been unable to stop him from using this illegal crossing. His workers carry heavy weapons and intimidate anyone who interfere in their business. The Peshawar Industrial Estate requires a dry port and new entry and exit points. -SHAHRYAR KHAN BASEER, Peshawar, via e-mail, December 16.