Only yesterday, all members of PPP, from the President down to the lowly workers were saying that they respect the judiciary and that all accused in cases related to the NRO would brave the charges in courts. A slight change in that now that they are all suddenly angry, foaming at the mouth. The two really hurt by the judiciary through this judgement are Raja Riaz and Salman Taseer. They are prepared to break Pakistan and kill people but would not let the seat of power slip from under. This is exactly what their big boss Zulfikar Ali Bhutto did 38 years ago. At that time, they said "Uddhar tum, Iddhar hum". Now Mr Bhutto's disciples are talking of playing the Sindh card and sending dead bodies to Punjab (from Punjab). The recent attitude of PPP reminds me of my recent travel to Bangladesh. In Bangladesh for a conference on higher education, my host, a Bengali professor, was driving me to my hotel one evening. He asked me in his clipped accent, "Brother can you tell me who is the Father of Baaangladesh". I knew the response he expected so promptly replied, "Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, the Bangla-Bandhu "No, not all" he said, "The Father of Baaangladesh is Joolfeekaar Ali Bhootoo". I was surprised by his reply. He went on, "Do you know brother all the main actors who created Baaangladesh died an unnatural death?". I thought how truly the educationists of Baaangladesh interpret history. -DR. SHARIF BHATTI, Rohri, December 22.