A senior Chinese defence official has justified Beijings sale of warships and submarines to Pakistan on the ground that India was buying similar systems from Russia and the United States. He indicated that China was conscious India might be worried about the sales, reported Times of India. The initiative may invite concerns from its neighbouring countries. But the doubts are unnecessary, Zhai Dequan, deputy director of China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, was quoted as saying in the official media in Beijing on Tuesday. The statement came in the midst of efforts by Norman Bashir, chief of Pakistans naval staff, to persuade Beijing to sell higher capacity ships as compared to the F22P frigates that China begun delivering last June. Zhai said Pakistans desire for high capacity systems is normal for an independent nation seeking to bolster its security. India has also entered into large deals for military hardware from the US and Russia, he said. Indias aircraft carrier has already cost it billions of US dollars, Zhai said.