Scores of people lose their lives every other day in the air strikes carried out but the unmanned aircrafts, the so-called 'drones' of the CIA. This is inhuman, to say the least. These mechanical contraptions fly from our soil, kill our people and land back safely again on our soil, as if we are some kind of free port for killing practice where they can do whatever they want. The patriotic tribal areas of Pakistan are being punished through these air strikes for being loyal to Pakistan. The US, a known enemy of our nation, is being given airspace and protection to kill Pakistanis. An undeclared war is being waged against Pakistani citizens, forcing them to migrate. Meanwhile, the US has now openly declared the intentions to expand the air strikes to Quetta and wider FATA. I cannot understand what Pakistan is so scared of? The US might be the sole superpower on earth but it is not God in heavens. It has not been able to destroy Venezuela or Iran, or even Vietnam in the distant past, and it cannot destroy Pakistan either. We have lost everything in this war. The only thing we are left with now is our sovereignty. How can we sell that? -RAQIM HAQUE, Lahore, December 20