LAHORE Provincial Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Rana Sanaullah Khan has said that leaders of Peoples Party and Muslim League-N are making joint efforts for strengthening democracy. He said that the visit of Prime Minister to Lahore and meeting with the Chief Minister Punjab is a clear proof of the fact to continue the policy of conciliation. He said that in this conciliatory atmosphere, attempts to create differences between PML-N and PPP by the Punjab Governor are aimed at to sabotage the democratic process. The provincial minister was addressing a news conference here Tuesday. Rana Sana termed Governor Salmaan Taseer a factor of differences between PPP and PML-N. He demanded of the PPP leadership to identify the enemy in the garb of 'foolish friends in their ranks and act upon the sane advice in the present circumstances. He said if the Punjab Governor has any respect and honour he should have resigned after failure of Governors Rule but he did not bother 'to live like a gentleman even for a few days. He said it is unfortunate for Punjab to have a Governor like Salmaan Taseer. He said his party wanted to save the democratic system but it should not be considered as its weakness. He said that unjustified hue and cry by the jiyalas is doing no service to the democracy rather it is a conspiracy to derail it. He said independent judiciary, the people and the media will not spare those elements who practised corruption in steel mills, rental power plants and energy savers. He said neither any accusation of corruption nor any case is registered against the PML-N leadership. Rana Sana said that it will be in the interest of PPP to get rid of Salmaan Taseer. He said any harm to democracy will be our collective loss. He said the Governor is a remnant of Musharraf who has made the PPP hostage in Punjab. He said PML-N would be demanding good governance irrespective of any situation. He said there are only few PPP ministers who benefited from the NRO and their removal will build the image of the PPP. The minister said if the Constitution provides immunity to the President we have no objection at all. He said that the rallies by jiyalas will not scare the people and the judiciary. He said PML-N will not support any unconstitutional step for toppling the PPP government and will continue to support it for the sake of democratic system.