ISLAMABAD The instrumental demeanour of Interior Ministry to pave way for Blackwater in Pakistan out rightly rejects the repeated rhetoric of Government high-ups who terms the presence of the covert organisation as 'mere suspicions. Interior Minister Rehman Malik, on numerous occasions, publicly pledged to resign if any clues regarding the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan were ascertained. Now when this hidden reality has seen the daylight, the concerned minister, as expected, sticks to his point of view and terms all those media reports unveiling the covert activities of Blackwater here as 'mere rumours. Authentic sources in Interior Ministry informed this correspondent that Kestrel Logistics, an organisation that is believed to be subcontracted by Blackwater, had been given a clean chit by the same ministry to work in Pakistan. It is also learnt that Kestrel Logistics abides by all the legal requirements with regard to defence related projects and warehouses, after receiving due approval from Interior and Defence Ministries. The officials of Interior Ministry confided that the approval had been granted by the highest authority of the Ministry, meaning that the Minister himself was involved in the process. When pressed to comment on whether Rehman Malik had been highly instrumental in this regard, the official said hesitantly, Well all I can say is that all such contracts and approvals are awarded at the highest ministerial level, the rest is up to you to assume. TheNation had first broken the story regarding the covert activities of Kestral Logistics in the sector I-9/3 of Islamabad, in November this year. The same news was confirmed some days back when American journalist Jeremy Scahill said in an interview, some extracts of which were published in TheNation on Tuesday last, that Blackwater had subcontracted Kestrel Logistics in Pakistan. In addition, Jeremy had disclosed that Blackwater was 'supporting Pakistani paramilitary forces under Ministry of Interior. His military sources had also confirmed the specific allegation that Blackwater was working with Frontier Corps. Scahill had also revealed that Kestral Logistics had hired former US Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Roger Noriega, and Christina Rocca, a former CIA official, as lobbyists for Kestral Logistics. According to Jeremy, Kestrel paid Noreigas firm $ 15,000 for the purpose. He said, In October, Roger Noriega was hired as a lobbyist by this Pakistani company. They paid his firm Vision Americas $15,000, they paid another from that appears to be little more than an affiliate of Roger Noriegas firm, called Fire Creek Limited, an equal amount of money to lobby the State Department, US-AID, the Congress, on defence and foreign-policy issues and on services that Kestrel could provide that are of interest to the US government. Another player at Roger Noriegas firm Vision Americas is Christina Rocca, who for years during the Bush administration was one of the top persons shaping Pakistan and Afghanistan policies. She is a former CIA operations official. So, this company has hired some pretty powerhouse figures that have a long history, in the case of Christina Roccas affiliation with Vision Americas, with Pakistan directly. So it all sort of leads towards this continued neoconservative view of US foreign policy and they picked some of the top people in that world to become their K-Street lobbyists. Commenting on the revelations of Jeremy Scahill, sources in Interior Ministry confirm off-the-record that every bit of information provided by the American journalist was true. But even after all these confirmations, the repeated denials of Interior Minister regarding the presence of Blackwater are beyond everyones comprehension. TheNation tried to contact the management of Kestral Logistics on two cellular numbers to get their version about the issue but both the numbers were not picked up.