KARACHI - Old PPP guards, who rendered sacrifices for the party, have lost their hopes in the party leadership, which they complained, had neglected and sidelined them. As the second death anniversary of the former prime minister and slain PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto is around-the-corner, these PPP Jiyalas bemoaned that after martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto, the incumbent party leadership had sidelined the old party guards who had played active role when the party came into existence under the dynamic leadership of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. The veteran and young PPP activists as well as the Lyarittes have lost their hopes as instead of taking serious actions regarding their prolonged problems of unemployment, the party leaders have been making hollow promises to them. The PPP Jialas complained that despite passing almost 2 years of the formation of PPP government they still were neglected by the party leadership, and besides PPP Karachi and Sindh leadership the district level office-bearers also did not bother to meet or listen to their complaints. While talking to The Nation, the old guard of the PPP from the ZA Bhutto rule, Haji Younus, 67, former president of district West PPP, said that he lost his expectations from the party leaders, as even the district level leaders had no time to listen to their reservations. Haji, living in Hawks bay, was the office-bearer in late Zulfiqar Ali Bhuttos tenure, claimed that since the formation of current PPP-led government he had not seen a single party worker who was hopeful with the party leaders or elected representatives. Sarwar Hoth, deputy information secretary of PPP, PS-111 Lyari, expressed his frustration that the local party leaders and elected representatives were not treating them as party workers, and jobs and other facilities were given to those who had personal connections with the higher party leaders or elected representatives. He said that during the election campaign, he along with his other fellows, worked hard and on behalf of the party high command it was assured to the people of Lyari that they would not be ignored regarding the jobs and other facilities. But the elected representatives have turned a blind eye toward them, which has created dejection among them from the party leaders. Sarwar Hoth also alleged that the PPP workers of Lyari had sacrificed a lot for the party, but only few people of Lyari were provided jobs in several departments. And the truth is that despite fulfilling all the formalities, including passing of all tests and medical fitness test, they have not been provided with jobs, while the job letters have been from Chief Minsters House also turned out to be hoax as they have not been appointed on those jobs for 1 year. . He added that the elected representatives only show their helplessness as they were not unable to do anything in this regard. Hoth is also among those candidates who have been selected for the education department after completing all the formalities, but he has not received his appointment letter so far. Similarly, Haji Abdul Kareem Lashkari, General Secretary PPP ward 32, Lyari, has the same reservations for being ignored by the party leaders. He said that the party workers were no more treated by the elected representatives of party leaders as they had been treated in Benazirs regime. The 45 year old Lashkari, leaving in Lashari village bordering Lyari has termed coalition of PPP with of other political party a key reason of the negligence of Lyariites by PPP leadership. He alleged that the coalition parties were exploiting their rights, and not a single party worker from his area had been given job in the current government of PPP. He said that his family and other party workers had been suffered a lot during the election campaign. My nephew Mohammad Hussain, 33, has been shot injured by some unknown assailants whose condition is still very critical, said Lashkari. A veteran PPP Jiala, Lal Bakhsh Baloch, 55, who has been associated with the party since its formation by late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, also complained about the said behaviour and attitude of the party leaders towards old true workers of PPP form Lyari. He said that he never had any wish for getting job and other facilities from the party leaders, but he was disheartened to see such poor attitude by them. He said this attitude of the leaders added to their miseries and now they missed their beloved party leaders, late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and slain Benazir Bhutto.