Some ill-wishers of Pakistan among our misled politicians are demanding removal of the word 'Islamic' from the country's name (i. e. Islamic Democratic Pakistan) thus removing it from our nomenclature. This is the height of inimical mischief and it is happening while we are at war with our enemies. It is a direct attack on our constitution and a blatant rebuttal of Quaid-e-Azam's views on religion as reflected in his letter to Mr Gandhi, which recently appeared in The Nation of February 17, 2001 (a copy of the same is added herewith). Allama Iqbal's famous verse, "Juda ho deen siyasat say tou reh jaati hai Changezi" is also very emphatic in this context. The mischief-mongers should be subjected to social boycott and strict penal action under the law. -SYED MASOOD HUSSAIN, Lahore, December 22