LAHORE - The failure of the PPP-led government to initiate steps for the pursuance of cases reopened in the context of the Supreme Courts decision on NRO, appears to be heading for confrontation with the superior judiciary while the PML-N is playing the role of just a 'bystander in the events taking place after the SC verdict, says a senior leader of the PML-N seeking anonymity. A key member of the 'N' on the condition of anonymity told The Nation on Tuesday that the PPP, instead of blaming the PML-N for its own failures should take speedy measures for prosecution of the reopened cases otherwise it would be opting for a direct confrontation with the apex court, and that the PML-N would not be in a position to rescue it. He regretted the fact that the PPP had launched a campaign to malign the superior judiciary as well as the PML-N, asserting that Governor Punjab Salman Taseers remarks on apex courts decision and Punjab Chief Minister were part of such a campaign. PPPs actions after the decision on NRO have not only alienated it from a positive Opposition, but also pitched it against the superior judiciary, he said. He alleged that the Governor Punjab in a television interview had maintained that masses would not accept the SC decision and that the Chief Minister Punjab took power on a 'stay order of the Lahore High Court. PPP leadership should abandon 'Jialaism Culture especially in the case of rule of law and accept the decision of the apex court with open heart and following the orders of the SC should bring the criminals to the book, he maintained. PML-N is just a bystander in the events that are taking shape after the elimination of NRO, and playing the role of a positive Opposition and abiding by the conditions mentioned in the Charter of Democracy, which was signed by both the PPP and the PML-N. The N-League is not playing any role in failing the PPP-led government as they would be failed by their own failures. Prime Ministers action of suspending the federal secretary and officials of the FIA for not letting the Federal Defence Minister to proceed for China has set a bad example and in the future no official would dare to act on the Exit Control List (ECL), he observed. PPP instead of fearing the Opposition and independent media should sack its 'sycophant advisors who are pitching the PPP leadership against the independent judiciary. PPP should remember one thing that a all powerful dictator General Musharraf failed to silence the independent judiciary and media and PPP is following the same path and the result of this confrontation will be derailing of democracy, he warned. Another key member of PML-N told this scribe seeking anonymity that Chief Minister Punjab and Prime Minister agreed that both the parties would work together for strengthening the democracy and would not make any statements against each others leaders but the PPPs provincial leadership negated the agreement the same day. PML-N would not tolerate such attitude on part of the PPP leadership and give a strong response at an appropriate time, he warned. Despite the statement of the Prime Minister that the Government would take all the political forces into confidence over the issue of Accountability Bill, PML-N demands regarding the constitution of transparent and independent Commission have not met so far, he revealed. PPPs Central Secretary Information, Fauzia Wahab said that certain hidden forces wanted to control the PPP but she instead of making 'vague statements should expose those forces and take PML-N into confidence in this regard for assisting the PPP to eliminate such forces, he suggested. When contacted, Ahsan Iqbal, central leader of PML-N for getting his opinion on several queries in the aftermath elimination of NRO and PPPs reservations, he said that PML-N and PPP both were signatory to Charter of Democracy and PML-N respects PPPs mandate, as both the parties agreed in the Charter that they would respect each others mandate. He said that PML-N provides the PPP an opportunity to deliver and now it was the responsibility of the PPP-led Government to deliver and pacify the masses impression of bad governance.