LAHORE - The Parliamentary members of the Pakistan Peoples Party (Punjab) have expressed complete confidence in the Party Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, and vowed to thwart all threats aimed at the latters office as President of Pakistan. This was done at the PPP Punjab Parliamentary party meeting, chaired by Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed here on Tuesday. They reposed complete confidence in President Zardaris leadership. However, they launched a bitter diatribe against the anchorpersons of a local television channel, which started immediately after the meeting had started. The MPAs and parliamentary leader Raja Riaz held the anchors responsible for the media trial of President Zardari. They also targeted the central leadership of the Pakistan Muslim League-N, and its other leaders, including Khawaja Muhammad Asif, who was criticised by various MPAs for digressing from the PML-Ns point of view. They accused him of actualising agenda of 'someone else. In his speech, Raja Riaz even went to the extent of asserting that Khawaja Asif was one of the key players, who attacked the building of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. 'Such people and elements, who have always support the anti-democratic forces, are now once again busy in conspiring against democracy, he said, while adding that the media barring a few persons and judiciary was being held in great esteem and respect, as the PPP had accepted the Supreme Courts verdict regarding the National Reconciliation Ordinance. Two resolutions were passed by meeting, which expressed complete trust in Zardaris leadership, and the second paid tribute to the martyrs of the Bhutto family for sacrificing their lives for democracy. Later, the attendees of the meeting walked to The Mall, and chanted slogans in the favour of Zardari.