The U.S. considers the government of President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani as having come to office through a legislative parliamentary process and the ongoing process between two branches of the Pakistani government is a judgement for Pakistani people to make, according to the State Department. A State Department spokesman said Tuesday the United States is working closely with the Pakistani government, headed by President Asif Ali Zardari, and called the Supreme Court ruling on National Reconciliation Ordinance(NRO) an internal Pakistani matter. This is really an internal matter for the Pakistani Government. We continue to work closely with the government of President Zardari, PJ Crowley, Assistant Secretary of State Public Relations told the daily briefing. Our concern is to and we continue to work to try to help build up the capacity of the Government of Pakistan to meet the needs of its own people, he added, citing the Obama Administrations first report on U.S. civilian assistance programs under Kerry-Lugar-Berman legisltion. Responding to a question about the status of the government, he said it ultimately is a judgement for Pakistani people to make. You have an ongoing process between two branches of the Pakistani government. Its not for us to try to get in the middle of that. What is important is that the Pakistani government and its leadership is seen as legitimate in the eyes of the Pakistani people. You know, there was an election in Pakistan. President Zardari came to office through a legitimate parliamentary process. Prime Minister (Yusuf Raza) Gilani was elected by the Pakistani people. If there is a legal judgement that changes the status of the government, that is the internal matter for Pakistan.