KARACHI Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) has been pressing down the already damaged Roll on Roll off (RORO) Berth at Gwadar Port with the help of weights/sinkers and posing serious danger to concrete slabs, pillars, and its associated work etc., TheNation has learnt. It was found that PSA instead of making repairs, even an investigation report, to the damage to RORO berth which bulged up, due to collision by M.V Sheng Ming Hong 7 on 17th August 2009, has been hashing up and not interested to go ahead for investigation and rectification of the damages. Moreover, the effect of collision with RORO on the berth and its associated structures etc. has yet to be found and PSA neither made investigation report nor carried out any repairs, which will further aggravate the situation. PSAs pilot Capt Nauman Alvi whilst shifting M.V. Sheng Ming Hong 7, Port of Registry Panama Official No.38679 -PEXT, IMO No.8117122 from Berth No.1 to Berth No.3 at 1930 Hours on 17th August, 2009 had a head on collision with the RORO Jetty. A copy of letter to Joint Secretary Ministry of Ports and Shipping Dr. Syed Pervaiz Abbas available with The Nation disclosed that PSA Gwadar should be asked to provide investigation report of the damage caused to RORO Berth due collision by the by Marine Structure Experts. It states, It is requested that PSA Gwadar may please be advised to work as Terminal Operator in terms of 'Prudent Port Practices and apply professional approach. The letter further said that PSA has to be made to carry out the repairs of the damaged RORO Berth in terms of Concession Agreement terms and conditions, and also to refrain from non-professional approach to hide the RORO damage/facts. Joint Secretary Ministry of Ports and Shipping Dr. Syed Pervaiz Abbas, when contacted, said that he knew nothing about the said report and will have to check it. The said incident was said to have happened due to the casual attitude of the pilot, and the Principal Officer of Mercantile Marine Department (MMD) has still not received an investigation report by PSA. According to the Merchant Shipping Act 2001 whilst PSA is operator, but Jetty is property of Gwadar Port, and claim is to be paid by PSA or Owners/or their Protection and Indemnity Club. While GPA must recover the losses prior release of vessel which is customary as per international law. It is pertinent to mention that according to the Concession Agreement between PSAI and GPA, the entire responsibility for Port Management, Terminal Operations, Future Development, Financing and Maintenance including marketing is that of PSA Gwadar. So the best available equipment, machinery, systems, sensors, superstructure/infrastructure, large area has been handed over to PSA Gwadar for making Gwadar Port go, but the above mentioned act of PSA seems against the terms and conditions of the Concession Agreement.