LAHORE - Owing to delay in release of Rs500 million, Lahore Road Rehabilitation Project (LRRP) Phase II costing Rs2.8 billion is heading to lose its momentum. If the situation does not turn to better, development work on LRRP (phase II) launched by Punjab government with much funfair, will stop. The project is already six month behind the deadline. The new deadline for the completion of project is April, 2010. Lingering in release of funds may further slow down the pace of project and lead to miss another deadline. Sources in LRRP (phase II) revealed that Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) that was awarded the project in 2008 had completed 171 roads out of 183 internal roads in walled city, north Lahore, Allama Iqbal Town, Faisal Town, Garden Town and Model Town extension. It has also completed big chunk of the work by rehabilitating Madar-e-Millat Road in Quaid-e-Azam Town, Mian Road (UBD canal to Shaiwal Chowk in Johar Town and Mian Road (From Multan Road to Babu Sahu) in Sabzazar Housing Scheme. However, Punjab government is yet to release the payment of Rs500 million. As the chances to improve mechanism for release of funds are dim, the LRRP (phase II) will fall short of set deadlines. So far Punjab government has released Rs700 million of the total cost of the project. Sources said financial bottlenecks, lack of coordination among the LDA (UD) Wing, TEPA, WASA and CDG and redesigning of roads by NESPAK played a nasty piece of work against LRRP (phase II). They said Punjab government awarded the project in haste without completing proper homework. When the project was started NESPAK was not in picture. Its cost that time estimated Rs1.8 million. The NESPAK was incorporated in the project three months after the launch of project. The NESPAK redesigned the project with other changes. This proved to be big setback to the pace of work as work had to be started from preliminary stage. Meanwhile Rs1 billion also had to be added up in the total cost of the project. The changes also put 200 per cent burden on the development work due to which pace of work could not pick the smooth momentum. Sources in Punjab government disclosed that basic reason behind the release of funds was the sufficient availability of funds. They said that over the last some months, government had been facing financial constraints. They said that CM Punjab Shahbaz Shairf had been sparing no effort to improve situation. PML-N Punjab secretary information Khawaja Hassan who was made chairman of CM task force on LRRP Phase-II told The Nation that government was satisfied with the pace of work. Praising the performance of FWO, he said there were some stumbling rocks causing delay in the project. However, he said hardships would be overcome allowing the development agency to complete the road development project as soon as possible. LRRP (Phase II) is divided into two parts costing Rs4.9 billion. One part includes Shalimar Interchange project. It costs Rs2.1 billion, which is going to be completed in 31 December, 2009. Punjab government has released amount in this regard. Second part includes 183 internal roads and three major roads Madar-e-Millat Road, Mian Road (UBD canal to Shaiwal Chowk and Mian Road (From Multan Road to Babu Sabu) at a cost of Rs2.8 billion. Under second part of LRRP (phase II), 25 roads in north Lahore including Misri Shah and Data Nagar have been rehabilitated at the cost of around Rs266 million. Out of 25 roads, 17 roads were rehabilitated at a cost of Rs180 million in the locality of Misri Shah and eight roads were rehabilitated in the area of Data Nagar costing Rs86 million. 6 internal roads of 5km have been completed in different localities in walled city. 42 internal roads in Allama Iqbal town, Faisal Town, Garden Town and Model Town Extension of 9km have also been completed. The 5.7km long Madar-e-Millat Road that will connect the Northern and Southern areas of the City by linking Maulana Shaukat Ali Road (PECO Road) to College Road is being completed in two phases. One phase is going to be completed in 31 Dec 2009. Second phase will be completed in March, 2010. It will act as the main approach road for the Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate and will greatly facilitate its logistics and transportation. 2.4km dual carriageway in Johar Town starting from the canal bank road and while passing besides the Expo centre links with Firdousi road near Shaukat Khanum Hospital is in progress. Main road from Multan road to Babu Sabu 4.3km dual road will be completed in two phases. First phase in near completion while second phase will be completed by the end of April, 2010.