As a retired military officer, it gives me shudders to think that the present Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Pakistan is a person alleged to be corrupt to the core. I for one cannot reconcile with the fact that the officers and jawans who are laying down their lives for the country in the war on terror are doing so on the orders of a corrupt man bunkered in isolation from his people. But, then, I was also rather shocked when I heard our PM jokingly say, "Who can arrest Rehman Malik (a declared absconder), he arrests others as the Minister for Interior". The public at large is aghast at the non-serious manner in which accountability of the corrupt is being tackled by Yousuf Raza Gilani. He had started to create some illusion of credibility in recent past but that has now eroded in a single stroke of uncalled for repartee. It is about time the ex-Supreme Commander, General Musharraf, is brought back to the country for accountability. His trial on leaving behind all this mess is now vital. -MAJOR TALAAT KHURSHID (Retd), Rawalpindi, December 20.