Peshawar is not just threatened by the bearded Taliban; there are a lot of clean-shaven Taliban as well that are perched in high positions of power and authority in the NWFP. In Peshawar, there is no cinema that shows Urdu or English films. That practically shuts off all opportunities for any clean entertainment that a family can have on an evening out. When "Khuda Kay Liyyay", a masterpiece that took three decades coming was released, I wanted to see it in cinema as it was not available on DVD. I went around all the cinemas in Peshawar but not a single cinema was showing any Urdu or English film, what to talk of the film I wanted to see. Thus, as a last resort I went to Pakistan Air force Cinema in the cantonment area, which I remembered from my childhood as a theatre that always showed good Urdu English films to officers and their families. To my dismay, I was told that the Base Commander of PAF has rented out this cinema to a contractor to make a profit for the Base. This contractor, though, only showed vulgar Pashto films to hordes of rickshaw and taxi drivers. This kind of clean-shaven military officers who are ideologically very near Taliban are making Peshawar worse off than Kabul where they have five TV channels and countless cinemas showing good films of impeccable taste. More English books are being read in Kabul than in Peshawar. Are we worse off than even those in Kabul? -DR KHURRUM SHAUKAT YUSAFZAI, Peshawar, December 20