Pentagons plan leaked through the New York Times on Monday seeking deployment of US Special Forces in Pakistan to carry out land operations in the tribal region along the Pak-Afghan borders has sent ripples to the Pakistani policy-makers and the top military commanders. The report forced Pakistan Army to promptly react to it and say a big 'No considering it against countrys interest. The NYT report said senior American military commanders in Afghanistan are pushing with a sense of urgency for an expanded campaign of Special Forces ground raids across the border into Pakistans tribal areas. However, a top NATO official in Kabul, Rear Admiral Gregory smith, Deputy Chief of Staff for communication for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) denied the contents of the said NYT report saying there is absolutely no truth to reporting in the New York Times that US forces are planning to conduct ground operation into Pakistan. It is both surprising and shocking that since the popular sentiment is dead against the American conduct in Afghanistan and a certain level of hatred exists against Allied forces in the minds of the general public, how such a hilarious demand could be contemplated by the US military strategists. While the American leadership has consistently been singing the chorus of 'do more, the time has come to tell them, as we said in an earlier editorial comment, enough is enough. Pakistan government has been providing logistic supports to US and NATO forces based in Afghanistan besides closing its eyes on the every day increasing Drone attacks claiming huge number of civilian casualties despite the fact that they are being flown from Pakistani airbases. In addition to this, Pakistan intelligence agencies have been sharing information with its American counterparts. Pakistan Army carried out successful operations in Sawat, Bajaur and South Waziristan against all odds with local population being hostile then. It has also ensured un-interrupted supplies to the NATO forces without which they could not survive for long. It is about time that the government should do re-thinking about how it desires to proceed in the backdrop of the Parliaments unanimous resolution demanding end to Drone attacks. It must also take the ground realities into consideration before making any further commitment to the US for any military strikes in its tribal region. It should realize that Americans would want to leave a mess behind once the withdrawal of NATO troops begins as per schedule announced by Obama Administration. We must learn to give priority to our own national interest instead of serving interests of others. Our bilateral relations with US are marred by a long list of betrayals. Only a few to mention are imposition of prolonged sanction regimes, denial to supply F-16s despite the fact that Pakistan had paid their cost in advance, opposition to our nuclear programme and at times efforts to declare us a rogue and terrorist state. On the other hand our successive regimes have remained subservient to the American Administration.