Facebook is particularly famous with youngsters. Over the past 5 years more than 200 million youngsters have set up their accounts on Facebook. For them, it is a whole world of socializing and entertainment. It has become an indispensable way of finding out old friends, playing games, exchanging virtual gifts and knowing about different events happening around the world. It is a networking tool using which you enter into the world of other Facebook users just by clicking their profiles. Walls, statuses, comments, groups and fan pages make Facebook more personalized side by side allowing others to know about the activities of their Facebook friends. Many users have even set up Facebook software on their cell phones which gives them constant access to the site. For many people, Facebook has become more of an addiction than just a networking tool. They just cannot do without Facebook. Any problem with their computer or internet connections puts them into frenzy since they cannot access to Facebook. For such people living without Facebook even for a single day is like being left alone on some lonely island. Facebook addiction is a common phenomenon in universities, college campuses and even work places where people have access to internet. Free time between classes further facilitates the use of Facebook on campuses. Since students are totally free, whats better than Facebook to kill time? The dangers of Facebook do not just end there. Other than that it is becoming an addiction. Yet another threat associated with Facebook is its misuse. Facebook users often share quite intimate details of their lives on their Facebook profiles. Many people upload pictures of family and friends to share it with their friends. But there are many people on Facebook who misuse those pictures and information. But despite all negative factors associated with it, it is a craze among people. ROHA WAMIQ AWAN, December 22.