LAHORE - The policies of the elite class are the basic reason behind the phenomenon of extremism in the country, while the Muslim community around the globe could protect their interests very well if they revitalise themselves. These views were expressed by renowned scholar Muwahid Hussain Sayed and Editor TheNation Salim Bokhari while answering various queries in a Waqt TV programme, Barwaqt on Wednesday. Mowahid Hussian Sayed said an effective movement existed in America against the 'Jewish lobby, while some American administrations wanted to bring changes in the policies regarding the Middle East but the Jewish lobby had not let them do so. He said the former American president Richard Nixon made it clear in his meeting with King Shah Faisal that he would implement a new policy for Middle East if he succeeded in averting the Watergate Scandal. The famous scholar remarked that American policies were framed in Israel, while the Jewish state had tightened its grip around the Arab world. He said Iran was the only state, which had been challenging the Israel since long. Mowahid said India-US nuke deal was illegal, as India was not a signatory to the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT), thus it could not sign such a deal. He said Indias role regarding human rights was extremely shameful, as it martyred thousands of Kashmiris and massacred a large number of Sikhs. It is highly unfortunate that Muslim world has no common voice and the former prime minister of Denmark whose newspaper has published blasphemous caricatures might not become NATOs secretary general if the Muslims community possesses a single voice, he added. Mowahid said WikiLeaks revelations had exposed our rulers and its disclosures established the fact that our rulers depended on the Americans to solve their local issues. He said America had failed to settle the Iraq and Afghanistan problem and facing several problems within its own boundaries. He observed that America had a long term agenda at hand regarding Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan and it would not make a complete withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan. He while expressing the hope for an active Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) said there was no 'Muslim Block to counter the 'Non-Muslim Block. The mindset and agenda of the government and opposition is the same, while leadership exist but it lacks the leadership qualities, Mowahid maintained. Prominent scholar said the 'Indian lobby had established strong pockets in the US establishment, while the Pakistanis had failed to follow the suit. While answering a question, Editor TheNation Salim Bokhari said ruling and elite class of our country always thought that they could grab power only with the support of the Washington without acknowledging the fact that the American history was full of false promises regarding Pakistan. We continue acknowledging the country as a friend that has refused to return the funds paid to them for F-16 fighter planes, he added. He said the Americans had a strong distaste for the King Shah Faisal who financed the second OIC moot and made a proposal for establishing an 'Islamic Block and nuclear programme. Editor TheNation remarked that the America always launched military actions without devising 'exit strategy and stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan. He said military operation in Swat and Waziristan was not a solution to the problem. He further said it was unfortunate that our governments were working on 'daily wages and expressed the hope that the people should elect those leadership, which would protect the national interests. Commenting on the foreign policy contours of the country, Salim Bokhari remarked that our foreign ministers always seen making efforts to infuse the American point of view in the minds of their countrymen. He observed that Pakistani Embassy reflects the picture of American extension.