LAHORE The Intel Pakistan Corporation on Wednesday organized the Intel Awards Ceremony in city, in collaboration with Ministry of IT to recognize the performance of outstanding institutions in Punjab to promote technology integration. Intel Awards are held annually in Pakistan to celebrate and promote technology integration by teachers and schools. These awards aim to motivate administration of any institution to enhance technology implementation and develop 21st century skills amongst students. The Intel Teach Program is designed to enable teachers to effectively use technology to enhance student learning in the digital world. Of the many teachers and schools who participated in the Intel Teach Program contest, 5 emerged as grand winners, who used technology effectively in promoting inquiry based learning. Naveed Siraj, Country Manager, Intel Pakistan Corporation said that outstanding instituions who demonstrate innovative use of technology are recognized for their efforts to inculcate cutting edge skills in our students so that there are competitive in the real world. Technology plays an important role in developing these skills, and Intel and the government are working hand in hand to train teachers across the country, he added.