LAHORE - Last flight of post Haj operation, Pk-3260 was arrived from Karachi with the delay of about four hours setting a worst history of unpunctuality of Haj operation which concluded with 86.2 percent delays of flights, said sources in the airline on Wednesday. They said that 213 flights of Haj operation arrived late in the homeland as per statistics, the total 247 flights carrying nearly 100485 pilgrims arrived in the country late by two to sixteen hours from Jeddah including 39 flights to Karachi, 47 to Islamabad, 39 to Lahore, 44 to Peshawar, 30 to Quetta, 5 to Multan, 9 to Sialkot, 3 to Sukkur & 16 to Faislabad. PIA planned to operate 247 flights for post Haj operation to transport 100485 pilgrims and operated flights to get back the pilgrims till Dec 21. So far 19308 pilgrims to Karachi, 23067 to Islamabad, 20021 to Lahore, 18587 to Peshawar, 10730 to Quetta, 4639 to Multan and 4133 to Sialkot arrived in country. The returning pilgrims complained that their goods and valuables were not loaded with the flights they traveled; hence, they had to visit repeatedly to collect their luggage at airports. Majority of pilgrims complained that PIA management had never been successful to meet its obligations in the season. Similarly the last Haj flights to Quetta and Peshawar also arrived late by over 3 hours and 5 hours respectively. Exhausted Hajis with connection flights to Faisalabad, Multan and Sukkur mostly preferred to get on to their destinations, instead of waiting for their baggage which was not loaded on their flights and was to be delivered late in the night by a flight which perhaps may arrive by 10:00 PM at Karachi International airport. The pilgrims urged that the governments should take stern disciplinary actions against high-ups who are responsible of inconvenience and mismanagement. They said if government would not take any actions against PIA officials then all the fuss would be on shoulder of government as PIA is a state-owned entity. When contacted spokesman of PIA said that fitness of PIA fleet used in Haj Operation was totally satisfactory and as Technical Reliability of planes remained hundred percent. To a question that whether the responsibility on extra ordinary delays was being fixed and action was being taken against anybody he said delays did not happen due to any PIA official so there was not any reason to hold somebody responsible. Talking about the reasons behind delays in Haj operation he said congestion at Jeddah airport, snow fall in Europe and limited planes with PIA led to delays. He said that most of the Hajis also travel first time due to which problems surfaced during check in time at Jeddah airport and luggage missing cases were reported.