LAHORE - MCB Bank Ltd and Cisco Systems have announced to sign agreement for the deployment of the Tele Presence TM systems at MCB offices in Lahore and Karachi. This system applies high-definition video and spatial audio to create a virtual collaboration among meeting participants. The aim is to bring transformational change in the organization by delivering optimal business collaboration across geographically disparate locations. With Tele Presence, MCB expects to reduce costs associated with unnecessary business travel, while improving productivity and relationships between the Lahore and Karachi offices. Operationally, MCB will use its existing network, complemented by user-friendly and in-room controls of Cisco TelePresence, to set up virtual meetings quickly through its 'email calendaring function. Group Head of Information Technology at MCB, Mr Sajid Awan said This system will help us connect faster to concerned stakeholders, shorten decision-making processes and effectively respond to business opportunities in real time.