We have never been a book loving nation, but the way our love for reading is declining with time is alarming indeed. The internet boom and the dish antenna are among the key factors getting us allergic to books and reading. And it all portrays us being a nation always eager to embrace everything that comes our way without calculation or care for consequences. Let us learn from two nations located at extreme ends apart. The United States of America and Japan are among the top users of the internet and computers yet their love for reading remains intact. Revival of reading is the need of the hour towards becoming a healthy nation. A good book allows you to get a lot of knowledge. And the knowledge based on books provides one with a solid foundation. Having got disheartened at our indifference, scores of renowned bookshops have shut down. In Saddar -Karachi alone a good number of famous bookshops have been replaced by other businesses. And if the trend continues the remaining bookshops could close in near future. The authorities concerned are requested to establish public libraries, and properly maintain the existing ones. It should be made mandatory for educational institutions to set up book libraries, and they should be assisted in their pursuit. The promotion of this healthy trend can help us have positive trends in our society. WAHEED ABDULLAH, Via email, December 22.