WikiLeaks recent cable about Rahul Gandhis remarks that radical Hindu groups could pose a bigger threat than Muslim militants has sent shockwaves across India. Rahul, the secretary-general of ruling Congress and a Prime Minister-in waiting, commented in response to a question from US ambassador Timothy Roemer last year on LeT. The BJP has come down hard on him; Ravi Shankar Parsad said that Rahul had put Indias security and strategic concerns and the fight against terror at stake. If one takes a look at Hindu extremism in the past few years, Hindu-Muslim clashes and increasing influence of Hindu fanatics, the claim of Rahul proves to be true. India has a history of communal violence, and critics say several political parties play on that tension to win votes. In 2002, about 2,500 people, most of them Muslims, were killed in riots in Gujarat. Hindu extremists in collaboration with RAW and military are also playing havoc with Muslims in their majority population areas. This Indian face has already been exposed by some other cables released by WikiLeaks. Indian army has been busy in HR violations in Held Kashmir. More than 800,000 troops have been deployed to suppress the freedom movement. IRC in its 2005 report says that Indian forces are killing and harassing those Kashmiris who were taken hostage on the charges of spying. They are being tortured through electric shocks and even sexual harassment. But America is criminally ignoring that fact. WikiLeaks have also exposed links between the Indian intelligence agencies and Hindu extremists in terror attacks against Muslims. The 2007 attack on Samjhota Express and demolition of Babri Mosque are few examples of Hindu terrorism. In view of Rahuls remarks, America should break its silence on HR violations by the Indian army and Hindu terrorism against minorities. Hindu extremists with their affiliation with Indian army and intelligence agencies vis--vis having huge resources can pose threat to world peace. MUHAMMAD AMJAD CH, Rawalpindi, December 20.