The information leaked by the US cables exposes and brings to the fore, the reality of the Indians. Rahul Gandhi, it reveals, showed serious reservations declaring the Hindu extremist groups as the real threat to Indian security while brushing aside the issue of LeTs involvement as inconsequential in the bigger picture. These Hindu groups create religious terrorism and political confrontation with the Muslim community thus fuelling the feuds that lead to a subsequent labeling of Muslims as intolerant extremists. The Indian hand with a tacit support from the Indian forces has been seen, according to authentic sources, behind the various episodes of religious and sectarian violence in certain areas in Punjab and Balochistan with an extended reach that targets some parts of China as well. The denial issued by Mr Gandhi as he retracted his remarks demonstrates how far reaching and strong the Hindu extremists have become affecting the regional peace. The continuous threats and various allegations faced by the famous Indian writer Arundhati Roy at the hands of these indigenous groups after her epic speech in which she condemned the brutal Indian invasion of Kashmir is no secret for the world as they raise slogans for her arrest for showing this ugly Indian face to the world. Apparently, India has established its own dominance through these Hindu extremist groups that are aligned with the governments policy of using brute force to suppress any internal upheaval. LUBNA UMAR, Islamabad, December 22.