ISLAMABAD - The US military leadership is altering its strategy to tackle insurgency in Afghanistan, sources said on Wednesday. Well-placed sources told The Nation that the move came after the tactical constraint for the US-led NATO forces in continuing its policy of air strikes as well as marked increase in the rate of desertion in the Afghan National Army (ANA) and police. The sources said that the US military commanders were of the opinion that the best way to tackle Anti-Government Elements (AGEs) in Afghanistan was to hire private security firms to carry out selected ground operations to quell the ever-increasing insurgency. According to the sources, the International Security Assistant Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan has witnessed a phenomenal increase in death of the foreign troops during the outgoing year 2010, with increasing number of civilian deaths. The sources were of the view that the US military commanders were busy evolving new military strategy to tackle two major challenges that included the suicide and the roadsides bomb attacks. Based on these notions the new strategy envisages hiring of US private security firms for selected ground operations to minimise the collateral damage caused to the civilian population. The militant forces including Afghan Taliban have been quite successful in their efforts to mount serious resistance against the foreign troops while using the civil population as their human shield. The sources further said that the US military has already cleared various companies including the Blackbird Technologies, Glevum Associates, K2 Solutions, and others to award them hundred of million of dollars military and intelligence contracts for their Afghanistan mission.