I feel ashamed and sad that Malala Yousifzai had to call the authorities in Pakistan requesting to reverse their decision to name a girls’ college after her in her home town. Why because the students of that particular college had been protesting for last few weeks on this renaming proposal. Apparently the college girls were afraid of the Taliban still in the vicinity, who may target their institute in revenge. They had already targeted the residence of the other girl who was injured along with Malala.

At a time when the rest of the world is united in its resolve to support the cause for which Malala was targeted, we the citizens of her country are unable to even make a ceremonial gesture. We the citizens of her country are unable to protect the other angels, the health workers, who are risking their lives to protect the future of Pakistan. What was the fault of the 14-years old Farzana, who was shot dead the other day in Peshawar, when she was coming out of a house after administrating polio drops? Her assailants were successful in their aim as the anti-polio campaign has now been deferred across the country. Why do we give up so easily? Why can’t the state provide protection to these workers when it can provide protection to useless parliamentarians and senators who have not done any work, leave alone welfare work?

It clearly shows the retreat of the state in the face of die-hard brutal terrorists who are not ready to budge even an inch on their misguided deviant ideology. Yesterday it was Malala, a girls’ education activist, today it’s Farzana’ fate, tomorrow it could be an officer or industry worker as these people are not ready to come out of their tribal mindset. This will go on forever unless we the citizens of Pakistan, the civil society, political and religious leadership, judiciary, armed forces and media are ready to take the responsibility for this mayhem and are willing to divorce these so-called religious brethren who are a source of shame for the true believers in the religion of peace.


Saudi Arab, December21.