All over the world the legal profession is held in high esteem, but like other professions this has lost its dignity in Pakistan as well. I am so sad to live in a country that has the keepers of security and upholders of justice equivalent to thieves and villains. If I was in any kind of trouble, the police and a lawyer would be last on my list of people to call for help. So who would I go to for help in this country?

The legal profession used to be a noble profession and the lawyers were held in high esteem. Now to the contrary, this profession has fallen from grace due to unethical attitude of the lawyers. In 2007, the legal fraternity along with media and civil society fought and won a battle, with regards to restoration of deposed judges of the superior judiciary. During the movement the lawyers raised the slogans in support of CJ. But after the restoration of SC judges, the supporters broke laws, thrashed their colleagues who disagreed with them, and quarreled with lower court judges. They even locked some of the judges in courtrooms in different cities, wrangled with police and media men without any let or hindrance from any quarter.

They are under the impression that as they restored the judges they are not bound by any law. As they believe that due to their efforts not only did they restore the judges but they also acquired independence for judiciary and rule of law – a commodity in short supply. The result is that the noble profession has not only lost its dignity, but also has tarnished the image of the judiciary by its actions in the last few years. Surprisingly, now the same lawyers have boycotted courts against the judicial policy asking the lower courts to dispose of old cases by December 30.

I wish that the Pakistan Bar Council, Supreme Court Bar Association, and other bar association in the country would try to educate the young lawyers to devote their time and energy to completing their task and come fully prepared to the courts and provide honest legal aid to their clients in order to bring back the lost dignity to this noble profession.


Islamabad, December21.