RAWALPINDI  – Construction sans approved building plan has been on the rise in around a dozen housing schemes but Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has failed to take stern action against violators due to political influence.

RDA could add millions of rupees to its kitty in the head of building plan violation but officials kept silent over the issue.

Sources said that construction without building plan was rampant in the housing scheme but RDA has failed to stop illegal construction and punish violators for the same. RDA official on condition not to be named told INP that crackdown against building plan violations would not only generate millions of rupees for the body but also stop the illegal practice. “Political influence is the biggest impediment in the operation against building plan violation. RDA officials get suspended whenever they take action against violators after political figure make telephone calls,” he added.

He said that housing schemes under the control of RDA were also found on the same page as illegal construction could not be stopped there. It should be mentioned here that stern crackdown against illegal construction could prove a ‘money spinning process’ for RDA which will ultimately help the body to finance various pending uplift project in the garrison city.

Meanwhile, The Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) during anti-encroachment drive issued challans to more than 100 shopkeepers in different areas of the city. According to sources, the anti-encroachment staff under the supervision of incharge Fiaz Khan conducted operation in various areas of Rawalpindi city including Chungi No 22 and Tench Bhatta. The RCB confiscated three trucks, several hand pushcarts and many other commodities placed outside the limits of shops.

The anti-encroachment officials issued challans to more than a hundred shopkeepers who had illegally occupied the footpaths and space other than limits of their shops.

On the other hand citizens have expressed dissatisfaction over the performance of anti-encroachment staff, saying it was only doing paper work and no practical steps have been taken to resolve the issue on permanent basis.

They urged the CEOs to pay surprise visit to various bazaars of the city on weekly basis.