Governor Zulfiqar Khosa has given his resignation in view of the President Zardari’s decision to make Makhdoom Ahmed Mahmood the new governor of Punjab. The announcement is to be made in a while. Makhdoom Mahmood who belongs to the PML-F has been picked up, however without taking into consideration the opinion of the party chief Pir Sibghatullah Shah Rashdi, who has stated that he had not been consulted. The Makhdoom has stepped down as Punjab party chief of the PML-F.

These changes point towards the reality that the season of elections has set in. Making and breaking of alliances are a day-to-day affair. The impression is that the PPP has been working to zero in on the voters from the south of the Punjab, where these days, its rivals have been making inroads particularly in the Bahawalpur region that holds 15 National Assembly seats. How the new governor might help the PPP bolster its fortunes in the south remains to be seen but the pursuit of having electable candidates on its roster of South Punjab is a move that figures high on President Zardari’s agenda.