2016 was a very tough year due to all uncertainty on the social and economic levels. It was this year, unfortunately, when four of the most famous and most influential individuals of Pakistan passed away. The accidental death of the first female Flight Officer, Maryam Mukhtiar, on March 23, 2016 was a great setback for our nation combined with the murder of Amjad Sabri on June 22, 2016, the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi on July 8, and now the heart-rending death of Junaid Jamshaid. All these personalities were role models for us and every one of their acts inspirational.

As we still try and absorb the great losses of our country we forget the situation of the society we live in –poverty forces individuals to commit crime, illiteracy is common and religion is used as a tool of manipulation to get innocent children to sacrifice themselves. The focus of the people is easily shifted from worrying circumstances like a girl being admitted to a hospital because of eating from the garbage and thus swallowing tiny pieces of glass which now threatens her life, due to our busy routine. In this alarming condition, if we talk about peace and patience, we shall do nothing except making fun of our own expectations.

Every passing December reminds us of the cruel attack which resulted in the death of more than 145 children, and a number of families that had suffered the loss of their beloved ones for no reason except for the spread of horror by terrorists.

Time is helpful to everyone, and proves itself as the best solution. We hope that coming year will be remedial to injurious hearts. Personal interest should be less regarded on social, political and economic levels by politicians. A great leadership having improved strategy is required to run the government successfully. Surely life has reduced to an endless dispute but confrontation is the only solution. We are resolute to make our country more prosper than before.


Lahore, December 17.