LAHORE - The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) released sample results of 156 brands of ice-cream and frozen desserts here on Saturday.  PFA Director General Muhammad Usman said that 47 of the samples failed to meet the standards of Punjab Pure Food Regulations. He said that products of Gourmet, Chamman, Royal and Badami Kulfa did not meet the pure food standards. He said that products unfit for human consumption are now being removed from the market. The samples were collected in September 2018. He said that anybody can download the complete list of the sample results from the PFA website.

PFA also ordered to stop production of all those brands that failed to meet the standards in the analysis report of laboratory test. PFA will again collect samples for laboratory test after ensuring proper reforms. He said that PFA will not allow anyone to play with lives of people.

According to the sample checking schedule, ice cream, juice nectar (drink), fruits made beverages and edible ghee and oil products will be checked four times in a year. As well, desserts, toppings, tap water of WASA, carbonated beverages, meat-made items, sauce, squash, fruits and vegetables (canned) will be checked twice in a year. Apart from this, vinger, pickles, malted beverages, will be checked one time in year, DG added.

PFA seized 1,300 kilograms substandard and unhygienic meat of emaciated and ill animals during jointly carried out an operation against them from PFA’s vigilance cell and meat safety teams in the provincial metropolis.