The democracy has withered, which led us to the quagmire we find ourselves in. The real democracy grows from ground up and provides equal opportunities to all citizens, not benefit and protect a few. Unfortunately, in our country, democracy has been tool used by the rich and powerful from all walks of life to exploit the poor. The elite in Pakistan, be it businessmen, landlords, high ranking officers with their ill-gotten wealth and power only use the garb of democracy to protect their interests. The government run by this elite class can’t be termed democratic because it lacks qualities of a system where everyone is respected as citizen. No one is idolized, nor demonized. Where rule of law, tolerance, and diversity of onion prevails. We on the contrary have been ruled by the vestiges of the British empire, who exploit the middle, lower middle, and lower classes. This elite is devoid of any respect for the people and treat them as subjects or expendables in pursuit of their selfish interests. They hide behind democracy whenever in trouble or to hide their inefficiency and corruption. They make tall claims about democratic norms while ordinary citizens are getting crushed under the burden of inflation and low wages. They however continue with their luxurious lifestyles no matter what the condition of the country is. It is time, our political parties and their heads liberate themselves from self praise, have little introspection, and cultivate culture of simplicity and hard work to earn and save to retrieve the lost dignity of the country.


Islamabad, December 10.