KARACHI - Member of Maldivian Parliament Abdul Bari Abdulla has said that the businessmen of his country are very much interested in enhancing economic cooperation and bilateral trade with Pakistan. Talking to the local businessmen at a meeting held here at the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), he said that Maldives can offer a lot of opportunities to businessmen and industrialists of Pakistan who must frequently visit Maldives to explore opportunities of enhancing bilateral trade in different sectors of the economy. "We are not producers but largely importers whereas Pakistan, being a producing country, can provide many goods and services to Maldives therefore the Pakistani business community should focus on improving linkages with Maldivians by holding maximum number of B2B meetings which would certainly prove favorable for both the countries", he added.  Abdul Bari Abdulla said that Maldives has mostly been importing rice, fruits and vegetables from Pakistan.