LAHORE   -   “Storytelling is my real passion and I realized it after consuming considerable time in acting and teaching. You cannot be a tourist in telling your story to the audience. You need to immerse yourself into whatever you are doing. You have to live it and most importantly creation of a special bond is required,” said the versatile and acclaimed artist Sarmad Sultan Khoosat while sharing his journey of being an actor and director in an enlightening conversation session with the aspiring film makers and students at the Institute for Art and Culture (IAC). 

Sarmad told the participants that he hates terms such as show business and entertainment industry. He would very much like to believe that cinema somehow is not the most supreme form, in fact it is a mix form of all delicate allied disciplines, where you have to bring in literature, music, dance, photography, good sense of architecture, and how colors fuse with each other and most importantly how movement and stillness are assembled.

According to Sarmad, it is a very complex and intricate form and the real task is to capture the soul of it.

While sharing his vision with the students, Sarmad emphasized that having a good idea is not enough for success. He said that as a storyteller or actor we do assume that just having seen a couple of classic films, or reading a few books of great literature and having seen some brilliant theatre performances are sufficient which is not correct. He said that when you really live in the story, breathe the characters and practice the inner feelings, the truth comes out in the form of quality work and honest storytelling.

During the discussion, Sarmad revealed that he ended up spending three days in the hospital for drinking a mixture of poster paint and milk while shooting the concluding scene of film “Manto”. He also expressed the momentous experience of overcoming his fears during the landmark performance of a death row prisoner’s last 24 hours depiction in “No Time to sleep”. Before the conversation, a compilation of extracts from his award winning film Manto, plays, music videos and other remarkable work was shown.

 This was the 5th talk in IAC’s weekly Cultural Talk series and was held in the main auditorium, attended by a large number of enthusiastic students from the campus and other educational institutes as well.