ISLAMABAD-Capital Development Authority (CDA) has approved the hiring of a consultant for carrying out expansion, rehabilitation and up-gradation of IJ Principal Road. Instructions have been issued that advertisement regarding hiring of services of consultant should be released in the national dailies during the current week.

The consultant will prepare complete feasibility of rehabilitation work particularly focusing on traffic load. The study includes the designing of rehabilitation of IJ Principal Road and its widening.

Moreover, consultant will also prepare design of additional two lane rigid pavement on both sides of the road while need based provision of culverts and improvements in existing culverts will be also prepared. The consultant will also prepare and propose consolidated designs of interchanges at intersections of IJ P Road at 9th avenue, 10th avenue and 11th avenue. Preparation of drainage design will be also in scope of work of the consultant.

The IJ Principal Road was basically built to run light traffic, however, in 2008, heavy traffic was shifted on the road, but ever since heavy traffic, including trailers, trucks and buses were allowed to ply on this highway, condition of the road was deteriorating day by day as the road was not designed for heavy traffic .

Moreover, so many accidents were also being reported on daily basis. Furthermore, due to thick traffic flow, traffic jams during the peak hours are also observed. Repair maintenance work on the road has not been carried out since last three years. Realising the importance of the road, the present administration of the authority has decided to carry out rehabilitation and extension in the road. In this connection, process of hiring of consultant was completed on war footing basis and PC-II amounting to Rs30 million was prepared and got approved by the CDA-DWP and now advertisements would likely be published during the current week.

The road not only serves as main artery of the city but is also an inter-provincial road, as it caters the traffic from Punjab, Khyber Pakhtnkhwa and Azad Kashmir.

In the light of study and recommendations of consultant, PC-I for expansion of IJ Principal Road would be submitted to federal government for inclusion in PSDP allocation.