LAHORE                -          The three-day folk festival titled “Virsa” organised by the Lahore Art Council concluded on the note of peace, love and harmony among the provinces.  The festival was attended by a large number of artists, students and the general public here on Sunday Alhamra Arts Centre on The Mall. The event was an enormous success in Lahore. Performers from across Punjab presented folk songs, handicrafts, dance, puppet show and other colorful performances which much admired by the public; people also praised the Lahore Arts Council to hold this festival and said the local artists would be encouraged through such events. At the closing ceremony of the festival, Lahore Arts Council Executive Director Ather Ali Khan said that purpose of this festival is to create a spark in social beauty and to provide people with an opportunity to come closer to each other, which will promote the attitudes of love and tolerance in the society Alhamra will continue to hold such festivals in future as well. On his concluding remarks, Ather Ali Khan thanked and congratulated all the performers, participants and attendees for their extraordinary participation and hard work at the festival. “It was important to provide similar positive opportunities and gatherings for youth to get knowledge about our lively culture, he added. LAC organised this folk festival for the development and promotion of the Punjabi culture. To entertain the children during the festival, famous shows like ‘Ainak Wala Jin’ ‘Alla Din Jadu Ka Chiragh’ and ‘Puppet Show’ was also presented for the children, which made the children very happy. People from all walks of life participated in the event and made it memorable.