KARACHI     -        The Modi government is in trouble as the internal crises of India are deepening with every passing day. India has resorted to aggression at LoC to divert attention.

This was stated by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh leader and the leader of parliamentary party in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh while addressing a press conference at Insaf House in Karachi on Sunday.

Sheikh said Modi had sent people like Abhinandan who was captured and made India disgraced. India is again working on some evil conspiracy at the LoC, he added.

He said this was what we saw at Neelum Valley last night. He said the new army chief of India was nothing more than a joker. He said brave armed forces of Pakistan were ready to teach Indian army a lesson.

“India has turned into a Hindu extremist state and it is no more secular. Religious minorities including Muslims and Sikhs are not safe in India, however Hindus living in Pakistan are safe and secure,” says PTI leader.

Talking about local politics, he asked Maulana Fazlur Rehman how much money he had earned in the name of Dharna. He disgraced Ulema and students of seminaries by bringing them on roads.

He said in the pretext of court verdict against Musharraf some elements tried to malign the security institutions. He said Para 66 in the decision hurt the feelings of our Jawans at the LoC. He said 220 million Pakistanis are with the armed forces.

The countries whose armies are weakened face a lot of problems. He said despite external and internal threats and corruption of politicians, Pakistan is a strong country, because our army is strong and fully supported by the people of Pakistan, he added.

He said those calling us “selected” are rejected, infected and defected themselves. He said the nation selected Imran Khan with the grace of Allah. He said Bilawal should come to assembly, but he opts to visit Peshawar.

He said in Sindh healthcare is in shambles. Now AIDS has reached Nawabshah. He said medicines are not present in hospitals. He said the PPP government is so failed that it cannot control even stray dogs. He said after AIDS, Larkana has also caught polio.

Haleem said NAB is an independent institution and no one controls it. He said Murad Ali Shah should dare to hold an open court in my constituency.

He said the open courts are for the rally of December 27, but people have rejected them. He said the minutes of meetings and minutes of open courts should be shared with public. He said we are against punishment of Musharraf.