LAHORE           -          Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said on Sunday the disputed law ignited flames in India and the Naredra Modi government was mounting tension on the Line of Control to divert attention from it.

“If India wants war, we are ready to give a matching response,” he expressed these views while talking to the media at a wedding ceremony of 25 couples arranged by an NGO in Rana Town. Families of brides and grooms attended the ceremony.

To a question, the governor said, it was a fact that after the passage of the disputed citizenship law in India, the situation has now gone completely beyond control of Modi’s government.

Since Narendra Modi was also faced with tough questions by the opposition and the public, he was once again mounting pressure on Pakistan and Indian army was resorting to unprovoked firing on the Line of Control in which Pak army jawan and civilian people were being targeted, he mentioned. Upon this, he added, the United Nations and other international institutions should take strict notice of the situation immediately.

The governor said: “ If India wanted to wage a war then it must realise that Pakistan’s defence was also in strong hands and we would give such a lesson to India to be remembered by its coming generations.

Chaudhry Sarwar said that Pakistan had always talked of peace but India must not assume our peace desire as our weakness, asserting that any sort of aggression would be reciprocated in a befitting manner.

The governor said that mass weddings was a highly commendable step. He observed the world would not remember wealthy people, big investors or those with higher status/posts but only those serving the humanity. “We will also arrange mass wedding ceremony soon at the Governor’s House. I think, the philanthropists should contribute to the maximum in this sacred cause, while deeming the daughters of the nation as their own daughters,” he said.

The governor also presented life necessities worth Rs 200,000 as dowry to each of the bride. The brides and grooms were very happy, however, some of them were grieved in memory of their parents. The organizers of the mass wedding ceremony also served meal to the participants.