Related by Syed Ameer Ali in his book, the history of Saracens, on the death-bed, Jaffar Al-Mansoor, the great Abbasids caliph, said to be the real founding father of Abbasids Dynasty after Omayyad’s, exhorted his heir-apparent, Mohammad Mahdi, “Of all things to smoothly run the affairs of the Caliphate, keep the masses and military contented”.

When we see the state of our country, Caliph Mansoor’s admonition appears quite relevant even today. In order to be in the corridors of the power in Pakistan and run the business of the county unhindered, the incumbent government just needs to pacify the people and the military simultaneously.

As PM Khan has already the military throwing its weight behind him, he just needs to placate the people by delivering on what he promised with them during his 2018 elections campaign, to make his way towards his set milestones without let or hindrance.