This is with reference to US Department of State’s Country Report on Terrorism 2018 alleged that the country’s law enforcement agencies did not act sufficiently against terrorist groups. A rejoinder to the report issued by FO asked for recognition of Pakistan’s sacrifices in its fight against terrorism, and emphasized that those contributions made the world a safer place.

Pakistan facilitated US in a very crucial time that must be acknowledged by US administration. The United States is totally failed in establishing peace in Afghanistan, and now it wants to hide its failures while leveling baseless accusations against Pakistan. It is important to mention that the global political scenario is shifting from unipolar to multi polar. Russia and China are emerging as regional and global powers which are a threat to US’s interests in the region.

US is envious of China’s increasing influence in the world and maligning Pakistan to please India for maintaining its power in the region. Role of Pakistan in war against terrorism cannot be undermined. Pakistan has always endorsed and supported every initiative taken for regional peace.

Our matchless sacrifices in the war against terrorism must be recognized and appreciated. In a nutshell, the US administration must realize that it cannot resolve Afghan dispute without the support of Pakistan. Instead of blaming Pakistan, the Washington must revise its policies regarding Pakistan and review its reasons for failures in Afghanistan.