ISLAMABAD-The residents of Federal Capital are compelled to use substandard flour available in the market invoking local authorities' help to implement effective control mechanism and safeguard the interests of the consumers. People are feeling immense shortage of quality flour and are been forced to purchase substandard quality flour. It is relevant to note here that fine quality flour is being sold at Rs35 per kg, which is out of reach from the poor. TheNation conducted a survey on Sunday and it was revealed that the sale of bad quality flour was still continuing unchecked. Bad quality flour bag of 20kg is being sold from Rs450 to Rs460 against its original price Rs425 to Rs430. Rabina Naz housewife while purchasing flour from local market told that the flour available could not be used for bakin and she was compelled to purchase high rate flour for mixing it in normal flour. "Only then can I knead it properly and then cook it" she said. These housewives are facing difficulties in proper baking of the breads and during the process the loaf (chappaties) are broke apart. Shopkeepers of capital claimed that mills were not providing them quality flour. A mill manager said that available wheat in the market was imported from Ukraine and America. He said that imported wheat was not adequate for baking purpose. Food Controller Muhammad Afzal said, government was well aware about the bad quality of flour which was being sold in markets. He said that due to imported wheat mills could not provide excellent quality of flour. However, he assured that current quality issue of flour would be resolved after fresh wheat crop, which is expected to ready with in month.