Word has it that our PM's lady has suddenly found that though the PM may not be the government supremo thanks to 58(2)(b), she on the other hand is not the second lady. In fact she is Pakistan's First Lady, there being none in the highest house on the hill. We hear the invites are flowing in. An inauguration in Islamabad, a prize distribution in Lahore and then more in the line of duty. The cameras are rolling and our First Lady is certainly learning to live and thrive in the public eye. * * * * * * * * * Call it whatever you like. A sense of dynasty, a sense of emulation. The slain PPP leader Ms Bhutto's son and political heir, Bilawal, a history student at Christ College London, is contesting for a treasurer office in the Oxford Union Society election due next week. They say his father wanted him to run when he first came to Oxford but he was reluctant. Maybe he wanted to take up serious work later in life. But there seems to be some change of heart. After mom's assassination in December 2007 he might well be hoping to step into her shoes. Like mother, like son. It was 34 years ago when BB broke new ground at Oxford by becoming the Union's first Asian woman president. Good luck Bilawal. But listen: funtime is over, now the serious work begins