GEMSTONE producer Gemf-ields Monday announced the discovery of an 'exceptional 6,225 carat rough emerald in its Kagem mine in Zambia. The emerald was recovered during normal mining operations on February 5, the company said in a statement, and is being examined by Gemfields experts to establish a clearer understanding of its value and significance. The emerald has been named Insofu (which means elephant in the language of the Bemba people indigenous to the region) due to its size and in honour of the World Land Trusts Wild Lands Elephant Corridor Project, of which Gemfields is a participant. Gemfields said its experts will continue to evaluate the gem before any final decision is taken in terms of its future. Ian Harebottle, chief executive of Gemfields, said: This is a unique find. The Insofu displays wonderful colour and good translucency. Its sheer size, rich colour and fine protective biotite shell make it difficult to see deep into the gem. However, all indications suggest that the core of the emerald is competent and that it should yield a number of cut gems of significant size. Telegraph The largest uncut emerald believed to have been found was in Carnaiba, Brazil in 1974. It was an incredible 86,136-carat natural beryl crystal. The stone was eventually valued at $1,120,080. The largest emerald crystal ever discovered was 7,025 carats and was found in a mine in Colombia. Telegraph