PESHAWAR (Online) The law enforcement agencies have started investigation against the Afghans having Indian passports while also started to monitor the trade and travel activities of Afghan refugees in tribal and settled areas. Sources revealed that the operation started after the FIA and other intelligence agencies arrested on the other day an Afghan citizen, Naik Muhammad having Indian passport who had come to Pakistan and lived two years on basis of fake documents. 'The Afghan citizen lived here around two years in Peshawar, Tribal areas and some other areas on fake documents, sources added. Naik Muhammad during investigation disclosed that, he was an Afghan citizen and earlier some years had gone to India and got an Indian passport for using illegal documents. He said that he had visited Pakistan and stayed here for the sake of trade activities. Sources said that the law enforcement agencies investigating the matter, adding, departments were interrogating from those officers who had given extension to Naik Muhammad for several times. They said that strict action would be taken against the offenders in this regard.