Two years have elapsed since the PPP government has come into power. A lot of mismanagement has surfaced. But I guess two years probation period is over and now let some sense and sensibility prevail. Let me suggest a few things for the next three years of governance. I say, let us annul the 17th amendment forthwith. Let us get out of this so-called 'study by a parliamentary committee drama. Let us agree with the MQM leader Altaf Hussain to stop running a parallel governmentfrom London via telephone. Let the rulers in Sindh, ensconced in Karachi, manage the affairs to the best of their ability and wisdom. Let us square our talks with US on drones, Dr Afia and role of Pak Army in the war against terror. Let the US pay our bills amounting to billions of US dollars. With these billions received, let Shaukat Tarin handle the shambled economy and give it some direction, to the best of his ability. Let us open a dialogue with Taliban and bring down our belligerent stance a notch or two. I am sure some good will come out of that. Let us implement the SC verdict on NRO too and anyway part with some incompetent and corrupt ministers, including Dr Babar Awan and Fauzia Wahab. While at it, we should also stop Salman Taseer, by order, to keep his mouth shut and stop issuing destabilizing comments on affair of Punjab. Let Shahbaz run his government to the best of his ability. Let us stop parliamentarians and other politicians from making insensible statements everyday, specially when it comes to sensitive issues such as polygamy etc. In fact, parliamentarians may be told of their limits and restricted domains. Let the rulers worry about shortages, deficit and other basic things only. If these suggestions are implemented, we might have a beginning and people might have some sigh of relief. -AMJAD H. MIRZA, Lahore, February 20.